About Us

Uninstalltips.net is a blog created to provide the easiest and most effective guide to remove different kinds of malware from your PC. We know that malware infection has become a big problem for most PC users with the increasing number of the cyber hackers. However, not every user is a computer expert who knows well how to handle malware. So, Uninstalltips team, a group of highly experienced computer security experts, is here to share the malware related knowledge as well as the useful removal guides, hoping that the information will help you regain a clean and healthy computer soon.

Our Team Members:

Rick Wolfer
Hello, I am Rick, the owner of this website. I create this blog just because I don’t want people to suffer from damage or losses caused by malware. Realizing that it is not an easy job for most users to fight the malware on their own, I ask Erik and Laura to help me, hoping that we can help as many as PC users to resolve their PC security issues. I am a 37-year-old guy who has been working in the computer security industry for 5 years. My area of expertise is malware removal and system security settings.

Erik Frank
Hi, I am Erik! I have been dedicated to the research of computer security for over 4 years. I know well how malware work and can effectively remove them from the infected PC. My main task is to research and analyze the latest computer malware and I always spend hours on this job every day. I love my job, and hope that what I do will help you resolve the PC security problems.

Laura Mainella
My name is Laura. I like writing and I am interested in computer security. When Rick proposed the idea to create this blog and asked me to help him, I felt very excited. It’s an excellent thing that I can do what I am interested in. The essence of my daily task is to write and post the information of all kinds of malware together with the solutions on the blog, and I hope the information on each of our updates will be helpful for you.