About Adware

Adware is defined as the illegal software that is used by advertising sponsors or conscienceless software makers to get installed on ramdon computers and pop up annoying ads without users’permission. Its main revenue source is advertising and click rates. It will bring up constant ads while you are browsing any site or clicking on any link in order to increase promotional activities and generate more benefits from the ads. It usually comes along with other freeware or shareware. Once it has installed on the target computer, users will be unable to uninstall it in most cases.

Opposite Effect of Adware

☹ It will collect any information from users in a way that violates the law

☹ It will disclose your sensitive information or trade them with third-party for illicit money-making activities

☹ It will drain your system resources and slow down your computer

☹ It will nterfere with normal web browsing severely

☹ It will change your default browser settings without your consent

☹ It will install more other malware on your computer and insert nefarious add-on to the browsers