About Virus

Computer Virus is a series of program code that can be embedded in computer programs to destroy the functions and data by replicating itself. It has the reproductive ability and is able to infect the executable files on your system easily. The virus is created in a very small size so that it can spread quickly and vanishingly. The range of its influence is not just limited to one infected computer, by making use of network sharing, it will be able to infect the computers of nearby users and even of other countries. Usually, the virus is quiet when it just comes to your PC, but can be activated under specified triggering conditions. Once it is running on the system, it will change its file name and hide with a mass of system files, so it is very difficult for computer users to find it artificially. Besides, it can also use the techniques of deception and camouflage to mislead users to execute its file without reservation.

The Symptoms of Virus:

1. The computer memory or CPU usage is taken up excessively.

2. Odd characters or images appear on the screen.

3. Computer crashes frequently without reason.

4. Machine restarts itself suddenly.

5. Your browser takes you to strange website even when you click on a familiar link.

6. Getting dubious email from unknown source.

7. Your computer makes strange noise.

8. Some file or program disappears from the computer.